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Call of Valhalla is an action platformer game loosely based on Norse mythology. In the game you play as a champion from Valhalla who is tasked by Odin with preventing Ragnarok, the prophesied apocalypse in Norse mythology. To do this the player must travel through three different worlds to fight Loki and his henchmen - the human world Midgard, the caves of Svartalfheim and the icy hell of Jotunheim.

The game was developed by a four-man-team False Golem mainly during the fall semester of 2016 as a student project.


Call of Valhalla.zip 43 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the package and run the executable.


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Great game. I hope you make more like it.

Answered the call too, and defeated Loki! Somehow though I think he's going to make a comeback. :)

This is actually pretty neat, good job guys!